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Star Montessori School Motor Skill Development Program

For 18 months – 3 years

The Star Montessori School Motor Skill Development Program involves drawing, painting, gluing, coloring, working puzzles, tracing shapes/letters and building with blocks activities. Games will be offered to enhance the next level of physical development. Rhythm games and dancing will be offered. Climbing, jumping and tumbling in carefully monitored play areas will take place.

For 3 – 6 years

Pre-K children will be motivated to do writing, drawing specific shapes, printing letters and painting, which develop the finer muscle of the hands to prepare them for refined tasks. Vigorous physical activities such as dancing, climbing, running, throwing, kicking and rolling balls help develop children’s strength, fitness and coordination. Self-help on eating lunch by self-serving food will be encouraged.

We’d love to have your kids participate in all our wonderful programs. For questions and inquiries, please get in touch with us today. Call 512-609-8844 or send a message to

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