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After School and Summer Program Details

After school activities and full-time summer programs are offered for elementary school age children. According to the need of this age group, the school will offer MATHOLOGY (Math Tutoring), a fun place to work on computers, play various games and so on. Homework completion and reading a book will be encouraged.

We will pick up elementary school age children from
Patsy Sommer Elementary School,
Charlotte Ann Cox Elementary School,
Akin Elementary School,
Parkside Elementary School,
Ronald Reagon Elementary School,
Elsa England Elementary School and
Rutledge Elementary School.

Summer programs include MATHOLOGY (Math Tutoring), Cursive Writing, Book Reading, field trips, sports, library trips, and other group activities suitable and that are favorites of the elementary school-age children.

For questions and inquiries, please get in touch with us today. Give us a call at 512-609-8844 or send a message to

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