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I just wanted to send an email to say thanks for doing such a fabulous job teaching my son. In the past 2 months we have seen that he learned all his letters and is now using his writing to learn to read. My husband and I had a long discussion last night about how impressed we are with your school and your ability to send our kids so far forward. My son seems to have a great balance between memorization and concept learning. Yesterday He came home with a several line story about loving his mom and dad and brother. Of course he had memorized it, but when he read it he pointed to each word and made sure the beginning sound was right for the word. My husband and I are very impressed. My son was so proud of himself as well. He is always telling us fun facts that he learns at school and all the fun he has. The other day we were driving home and he went into a conversation like this…”Mom, do you know what happens with the sun? Well, it hides behind the clouds, it’s still behind there shining, but it is hidden. Kind of like it is playing Peek-a-Boo.” Wow! To bring such a big concept down to a 4 year old level, very impressive.

Again, thank you for all you do. (Not just with my older one, but also with our very independent my younger son. :))


We are truly grateful for the fruitful learning experience that you have provided Trinity. She has grown tremendously, both intellectually and socially. Thank you!

We appreciate you and your staff for providing a safe, clean environment for my daughter to learn. Special thanks to Mrs. Sarita, Ms. Cynthia, Ms. Sandra, Ms. Judy and Ms. Mayra; you ladies are jewels and have shared your cultures with Trinity. I am so very proud of her ability to recite colors and numbers in Spanish. She is confident in her ability to write her name, and numbers from 1-100 and now she is reading basic math problems (2+1=3). We believe you have prepared her for entering Kindergarten.

Blessings to you in pursuing your goal of creating the best school in Austin. When you purchased the facility, you told parents that was your desire; I can attest that you are well on your way to achieving that goal. Congratulations!

Trinity has enjoyed attending school at Star Montessori.

Thank you!

Angela Bryant (Pflugerville)

We have realized that this is the BEST school so far for my granddaughter. I wish you had Kindergarten and Elementary classes for these children.

Diane Ebert (High School Teacher and Grand Mom of an enrolled child)
Wells Branch

Your mission to offer one of the best schools in Austin has come true. I am amazed by the progress of my child; especially when I compare with my older child who went to different school. She has learnt SPANISH words for colors, numbers and letters as well. We are thankful to the school for having a very diverse teachers.

Angela Bryant

Dear Star Montessori,

Attending Star Montessori has been a great experiece for our daughter and we are happy to have found Star Montessori. Thank you so much for all the teaching and caring that every teacher has offered to Sophia.

Thank you again,

Luis and Pam Narvaez
Scofield Farms

Umesh and Sarita:

Thank you so much for everything you have done for Jadyn! We are really happy with her progress and love your school so much. You have a great school, and we’re so happy we found it!

Also, I’d be happy to visit with any parent looking into the school if they have any questions. I have a very strong recommendation for your school!

Jada Lucero

Thanks again for a doing a great job with the boys. Brian and I feel very lucky we found your school.

Ridgeview Middle School
6th Grade Math
Team Leader, Team 6-4

I am amazed by the progress of my child within a month. I could not believe she could learn so much within a month. She has already learned her sounds, sings national anthem and so on. I am very satisfied with the progress of my child in this school.

Mom of Sophia Narvaez (Scofield Farm)

I moved to Avery Ranch area and tried many different school for my child but eventually I brought my children back to this school even though I have to drive 10 miles one way. I am very happy with this school.

Nand/Ekta Arya (Avery Ranch)

I am very pleased with my son’s progress and with the school.

Jennafer Fiertner (06/02/2008)

My granddaughter is learning a lot. The meditation for quiet time is wonderful for her. We are extremely happy and satisfied with her improvements and learnings.

Diane Ebert (High School Teacher and Grand Mom of an enrolled child 03/07/08)

Kudos to Mrs. Sarita,

Trinity is learning and enjoying school with her as a teacher. Thank you.

Angela Bryan (02/28/08)

Dear Sarum,

Laarni and I are pleased with Lylle’s first month at Star Montessori.
Thank you and thanks to your team of teachers.

Star Montessori appears well run in the afternoons that we’ve visited.
The school is clean and orderly, the outside play area nicely supervised – and equipped with fun equipment and toys.

When Lylle arrives at school, he quickly settles at work table and is given a learning activity.

Thanks again,

Steve and Laarni Winch

Since you have opened this school, you have done wonderful job of upgrading it and improving the quality. My child is learning a lot. I wish you would have opened this school a year ago so that he would have gained a lot of knowledge.

Phani Nallan

My child loves the school. She even wants to come to the school over the weekend. The school looks so clean and beautiful.

Lini & Sunny Joseph

You have done a lot of improvement to the school. The school looks so beautiful since you took over. I am very happy to keep my child here. She is learning a lot from writing to reading and so on.

Angela Bryant

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