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Star Montessori School in Austin has all details related to tuition-fee & timing. Here are all details which you can check.

ACADEMIC YEAR August 2021 – July 2022

Ages: 18 months to 6 Yrs (Toddler through Pre-Kindergarten) and 6 Yrs to 12 Yrs (Kindergarten through Fifth Grade for After School and Summer Program).

Tuition rates are charged according to your child’s suite for the school year, not according to your child’s age. Tuition Fees and Schedules are from MONDAY THROUGH FRIDAY or Mon, Wed, Fri (3 days) or Tues, Thurs (2 days).

Timing Cost (Toddler 18M – 3Yrs) Cost (Primary 3yrs & up)
6:45 AM – 6:30 PM (M – F)


$1096.00/month $996.00/month
6:45AM – 2:30 PM (M – F)









6:45 AM – 1:00 PM (M – F) $976.00/month







6:45 AM – 6:30 PM (M, W, F – 3 days) 996.00/month






6:45 AM – 6:30PM (T & Th – 2 days) $876.00/month







After School Program $400.00/month, Reg. Fee $ 100

Pick-up from Multiple Schools

Summer Program $600.00/month, Reg. Fee $100

Other Required Fees: These are annual fees and non-refundable.

Annual Registration Fee (per family or per child) $100.00
Annual Activity Fee $200.00
Late Payment Fee $30.00
Return Check Fee $35.00


Late fee will also be applied on each return check.

The weekly payment is due by Tuesday 6:30pm of each week.
The semi-monthly payment is due by 3rd AND by 18th of the month.
The monthly payment is due on by 3rd of the month.

School provides morning and afternoon snacks to the children. Parents provide the lunch.

Discount: Star Montessori School provides 5% discount on tuition fee of the oldest child with 2 or more children enrolled at least one enrolled full time for regular academic year.

Late Pick-up Fees: The late pick up fee $5 every 5 minutes will be charged.

After School Hours Program: Basted on the availability $400.00/Month per child & Pick up available from

Patsy Sommer Elementary School,
Charlotte Ann Cox Elementary School,
Akin Elementary School,
Parkside Elementary School,
Ronald Reagan Elementary School,
Elsa England Elementary School and
Rutledge Elementary School.

Mathology (Math Tutoring) and Cursive Writing  fee is included in the monthly fee. There will be extra fee for the chess club, dance and martial art club and any other extra activities participation. Annual Registration Fee $100.00 is due at enrollment.

Summer Program: Summer Program for school age children are available based on the availability for $600.00/Month per child. Mathology (Math Tutoring), Coding and Cursive Writing are included in the summer program along with fun filled activities and field trips. Please see summer program curriculum for detail. Annual Registration Fee $100.00 is due at enrollment.

Star Montessori School is open year round with the exception for the Holidays.

There is no deduction in tuition for the holidays and child’s absence.

It is a non-discriminating school. Students of all color, religion, race, sex, nationality are welcomed and are enrolled.

For questions and inquiries, please call us at 512-609-8844 or send a message to

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