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Want to know about the Best Child Care Center in Cedar Park?

Here is All details are mentioned below so you can know more about Child Care Center in Cedar Park.

Child care center in Cedar Park come into existence to make life easy for parents who are at work or school & university. It’s a child watching service where the caretaker takes care of the child, aged between 1-year to 6-year-old child. Usually, child care centers offer a formal, structured environment. These childcare centers are beneficial for children and parents as well, they learn to do things independently. Finding a perfect child care center in Cedar Park is a tough task although. The truth is a quality child care center must have a friendly and joyful environment, where children can adapt and innovate things with others. Star Montessori child care center has everything which can meet a parent’s expectation whether related to care, safety, security, environment, learning, and physical and mental health along with comfort. We bet you cannot find a better child care center for parent’s helper purposes who can experience tension-free child care for their child.

Best things about Star Montessori Child care center –

Star Montessori, the Best Child Care Center in Cedar Park provides a care facility on an hourly basis, but most of the others provide either a half -or full-day child care facility which includes learnings, activities, meals, naps and fun games, group games & tasks, and conceivably outings. The center has the best methodology of fun-based learning where a child doesn’t feel Burdon and picks up things more effectively.

Our child care center delivers more structured learning prospects and good opportunities for social growth with other children. With a constructive fee structure, the child care center has everything that a parent needs for their child’s future development. Star Montessori child care center in Cedar Park has various benefits for a bright future of your child few are the following –

  • All the Caregivers and teachers are potentially better educated and trained. The exactly have the experience on how to carefree handle a child or toddler while they are away with their parents.
  • We at star Montessori have a well-organized schedule and pre-school environment including kindergarten and after-school programs, to ensure varsities of activities.
  • Encouraging encourages literacy, language development, social and emotional development, our educational curriculum is enriched with diversity
  • Initiate children to become more social with other children and their teachers & caregivers.
  • Enrichment physical activity opportunities like soccer, dance, music, or foreign language classes are mutual.
  • Highly focused on Brain train activities, social mixing skill, Language, motor skill, Math & literacy skill development of a child through play way and Montessori Methodology.
  • At our child care center, we aid the use of technology (i.e. computers, iPad, and smartboards) to back innovation-based learning, so that children can compete with future technologies.
  • Better protected appearance and in-class video camera facility for surveillance as we are highly concern for child safety, security, and betterment.

Star Montessori Makes child care Fun-

While searching for a child care center in Cedar Park you must be having lots of doubts about the environment, fees, safety, location, programs, learning methodology, transparency of a center, security, etc. Your worries have a valid point till then you make the right choice with us. We make fun of child care as children love to be around here.

Star Montessori child care is keen to add various fun activities for kids. Having fun and engaging activities for the children in our Child Care Center in Cedar Park is part of creating a joyous child care program that prepares them for after the preschool program. Every child required healthy and Joyous development as their brains develop faster at 1 to 8 years of age than at any other point in their lives.

Teachers also aid pattern learning, based on task and activity scheduling includes practical sitting, brushing teeth every day, washing hands, follow instruction, good manners, etc. overall our focus is on “learning through play” by providing a hands-on, interactive atmosphere where children learn about things and themselves through playing with other children. Below are key highlights that will give you a glimpse of our care center

  • Keep engaging children with hands-on activities so that they get more involved in exploring and experimenting.
  • Our center of Art, block games, dramatic play, motor skills, manipulatives toys table, music, sand & water art and many more make our childcare center a more interesting place for them
  • Also, we embrace a nice mix of happenings throughout the day to teach different skills, such as singing, rhyming, dancing, and storytelling.
  • Kindergarten at Star Montessori Childcare ensure social development and peer to peer communications, which also help a child to become academic strong.
  • We include Meal and snack time erected into our schedules, which help children to learn table and eating habits.
  • Reducing a child’s exhaustion after various activities of playing and learning, include Naptime into their schedule or are on half-day schedules.

The curriculum at Star Montessori Child Care center

We at Star Montessori, use a research-based early childhood curriculum that is planned based on child, teacher, and caregiver as well. Developmentally suitable curriculum plans are provided for Toddlers, Two’s, Three’s, Four’s, and School-Age children. As the children at this age have a very sharp mind, all we need to do is use a flexible methodology to accommodate varied learning styles. At our child care center in Cedar Park, we have planned various educational activities, and children are grouped by age or placed in mixed-age groupings. Likewise, toddlers and infants required routine & interactive based learning. Other than that two’s, three’s, four’s, and school-age children need fun-based, conceptual & activity-based learnings.

  • Pre-school curriculum
  • Pre-kindergarten curriculum
  • After school program
  • Summer Program
  • Extra Activities

With all the necessary and required facilities, we are proud to say that we are the best Child Care Center in Cedar Park. With best-in-class caretakers, we guarantee homely care at our center where your child will learn with fun resulting in his/her overall development making him/her a bright prospect.



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